Environmental Policy

Help us to be environmentally sustainable

Loch Lein Country House is striving to become a model of sustainable enterprise. Within this strategy we are committed to reducing our impacts upon the local environment arising from our daily operations.

The emphasis of our policy is on driving down CO2 emissions by reducing and re-using the waste that is produced wherever possible and recycling where it is not. We recognise that what Loch Lein does today affects the environment of both current and future generations.

  • Guests have the choice to separate the waste in their rooms to be recycled by our housekeeping team. Paper, cardboard, plastics and glass can all be recycled.
  • Guests are encouraged to retain their towels for the duration of their stay in order to reduce the waste involved with excessive laundry.
  • Kitchen and bedroom cleaners are biodegradable wherever possible.
  • At the end of the day at least 80% of all lights are switched off. Corridor, stairwell, driveway and emergency exit lights are left on for health and safety reasons. All non essential electrics are switched off over night.
  • Energy efficient lighting has been installed throughout the hotel wherever possible. The current limitations are that the hotels electrical supply regularly ‘surges’, blowing many light bulbs. It would be impractical and not cost effective to regularly replace expensive energy saving bulbs. Alternatives to standard lighting are being investigated.
  • The local area is supported by mains sewerage systems, which means that waste cannot seep or flow into the lake or adjoining lands.
  • Wherever possible we source our foods locally which both supports local businesses and reduces carbon output from larger distribution miles. Our suppliers are also encouraged to take waste back with them
  • We encourage and influence our Contractors & Suppliers to work with us in securing beneficial change in our shared environments.